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Welcome to the Real Estate Corner, a site designed to provide you with hints and tips on different areas of real estate including advice on Sales, Purchases, Legal, Property and Finance.

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Finding a Suitable Real Estate Agent

For those people who intend renting a property, there are several issues to consider. For a single person, perhaps a flat or unit would be more suitable. Many couples prefer to live in units to avoid the maintenance of gardens. Families need more space and a yard for the children to play in. Then there is the matter of pets. Additionally, location and nearness to shops, schools and hospitals all need to be considered. Once you have made your final decision, it is time to approach a real estate agency. This in itself is an important decision.

To select the right property management Sydney, you may have to do a bit of legwork, visiting several agencies. You need to find one that is approachable and courteous, and one who will listen to legitimate complaints regarding the property. An agency that regularly liaises with the landlord will make sure that all issues with the property are addressed in a timely manner. If you have pets, then you need to make sure that the agency allows pets on behalf of the landlord. A good agency will also let you know in advance when they intend to make an inspection of the property to ensure it is being properly maintained and cleaned.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate Double Bay, the right agency is very important as well. It is no good listing with the first one you talk to if they are not going to make an effort on your behalf. When you are looking to sell your property, you need to engage an agency that will not only advertise strategically, but also one that takes the prospective buyers to have a look at your home. They should also keep in touch and let you know how things are progressing. Most effective agents advertise online which is a great idea as it reaches people who prefer to save their legs when looking for property. Once you find the right agency for your home, the next step is to contact them and to arrange an inspection of your home.

A good agency is always interested in their clients, and takes steps to ascertain their preferences in location and what they require in a home. When you are intending to buy, they will try to match your requirements to properties on their books then call you to see if you wish to have a look at them. Whether your intentions are renting, selling or buying, it is advisable to always check out more than one agency, and when you find one that meets your standards, put yourself in their hands.

The Issues Of Locks and Keys

Rental properties carry responsibilities on both the part of the landlord and tenant. Tenants have obligations towards the property in maintaining a clean home and yard, and making sure there is no damage done. The landlord is responsible for any maintenance outside the tenant’s obligation, and if the property is in the hands of a rental agency, they also have the responsibility of making regular checks to see that the tenants are caring for it properly. The landlord is also required to make sure the tenants have the security of having all relevant keys to the property.

Although each tenant must be supplied with entry door keys, there only has to be one set of keys for the rest of the home. Many couples both work and leave and arrive home at different times of the day, so this makes it necessary to have the extra keys. If a tenant feels there are keys missing, then they should approach the property management Brisbane for them. Each lock in the home should have the appropriate key supplied for it. Keys for garages, lawn lockers and any other sheds on the property also need to be given to the tenant.

Sometimes for various reasons a tenant will wish to change locks. This can be an area of dispute, and cause bad relations between tenant and landlord. In the case of lost or stolen keys it makes sense to change locks for the purpose of home security and the property managers Brisbane would most likely agree to protect the property from damage. This would be beneficial if the keys have been found or stolen by someone who would vandalise the property once they have acquired entry. If at any time the landlord is the one who wishes to change the locks, he is responsible for seeing that the tenant is provided with the keys for the locks that have been changed.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant will solve many problems and possible court actions. Locks and keys are an important issue where rental property is concerned. When leaving a rental property the tenant is required to hand in all the keys that have been issued when moving into the property. Not doing so could make them a suspect in any subsequent property damage. If both landlord and tenant accept and abide by their responsibilities in the area of locks and keys, it will make for a pleasant relationship.

Enhance Your Landscaping With A Japanese Garden

With space at a premium at many homes around Australia - Japanese gardens are becoming the hottest trend around. Indeed, more and more landscaping Brisbane companies are fielding requests from clients to have a Japanese garden created in their courtyard or other outdoor area. If you're curious about these gardens and what they're all about, you can read on below to learn more. Should you decide that such a garden would be right for you, look for a landscape design Brisbane company that specialises in Japanese gardens in order to enjoy the most authentic - and beautiful - garden possible.

Japanese Gardens: Ideal For Small Spaces

Although Japanese gardens can be used in large, sprawling areas, they are also ideally suited for smaller spaces. This is definitely one of their leading benefits, since so many people are struggling to find enough room to really make their outdoor landscaping stand out. Depending on where you'd like to put your new garden - and on how much space you have to work with - your landscaping professional may or may not advise you to use fences, screens or water elements to define its boundaries. No matter what configuration is ultimately settled on, your garden is bound to give your outdoor landscaping a much-needed face lift.

Simplicity Is Key

One of the growing trends when it comes to aesthetics is that simplicity reigns supreme. Rather than cluttering up a home's outdoor area with a busy assortment of converging plants, bushes, grasses and other landscape elements, a Japanese garden relies on simple, clean - and attractive - elements to lend an air of tranquility, serenity and scenery to a home. An experienced landscape design professional will know how to use things like water elements, fences, stones, bamboo and other materials to create a look that will complement your home perfectly. In the end, you'll be amazed to see how something so simple can be so incredibly attractive.

Incorporating Water In Your Japanese Garden

Water isn't mandatory when it comes to designing an authentic garden, but most people do choose to incorporate some kind of water element into their design. A small water feature, water bowl or pond can radically enhance the overall ambience of such a garden, taking it from pleasant to simply spectacular. When you walk out into a Japanese garden that features a fountain, bamboo water spout or other water element, it can feel as if you've been whisked away to Japan. Such areas are great places to meditate or to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your garden will not only make your landscaping sparkle, but it can double as a refuge of sorts as well.


Top Tips For Preventing Cockroaches

In Brisbane, cockroaches are probably the most despised - and most abundant - pests that invade the home. If you already have a cockroach problem, then your best bet is to hire on a pest control Brisbane company to help you with the problem. If you don't have a problem with cockroaches, you can avoid the issue altogether by using a few key tips and tricks to keep them out of your home.

Tips For Keeping Cockroaches Out Of The Home

If you've just moved into a new home, the first thing you should do is have a pest inspection Brisbane company come out to look over the premises. Once you've received a clean bill of health, use the following tips to help keep the problem from occurring. It's a lot easier to prevent cockroaches than it is to get rid of them - and a lot cheaper, too.

Remove Holes And Cracks - Caulking is your friend. Go around your entire home looking for cracks and holes in baseboards, windows, doors and pipes. Repairs those cracks and holes so that cockroaches don't have an easy way to get in.

Use Screens - Screens are very cheap to buy. Use them to cover up floor drains, vents, windows and ducts; cockroaches frequently gain entry to the home through such spots, and often use them as homes as well.

Keep The Area Around Your Home Clean - Make sure that there is no litter or debris strewn about outside your home. Such things can attract cockroaches and make your home look attractive to them. Keep piles of wood clear from your home, too.

Keep Your Home Tidy - Never allow dirty dishes or old food to sit out in your home. If crumbs or other messes occur, sweep or vacuum them up right away. Such messes can attract cockroaches to your home. Neat, tidy homes are much less likely to have cockroach problems.

Put Lids On Your Trashcans - Purchase a trashcan that has a lid and use it to store trash in your house. Don't allow the can to become overly full; empty it frequently so that there isn't a lot of trash sitting around your home.

Watch Out For Leaks - Cockroaches love water. As soon as a leak occurs, it is imperative to have it taken care of immediately. Standing water will attract cockroaches and give them a good reason to hang out in your home.


Property Managers: Why You Need One

Whether you are a first-time property investor looking to find a great tenant for a property or two, or if you're a seasoned property investment Brisbane veteran, the fact of the matter is that renting out those properties involves a great deal of time, money and commitment. Trying to juggle all of those demands yourself might seem reasonable on the outset, but can quickly become overwhelming. When the logistics of managing several properties becomes too burdensome, mistakes and problems start cropping up with regularity. Rather than risk such a scenario, you can hire a qualified and experienced property management Brisbane firm to assist you. If you don't think you need a property manager, read a few of the compelling reasons below to learn why you definitely do.

Property Investing: A Major Commitment

Many people have the misconception that property investment simply means purchasing real estate and renting it out to a tenant. They skip over the many day-to-day realities of being a landlord, and are often surprised when that reality rears its head. Rather than being taken unaware by the major commitments involved in renting out a property - like handling maintenance issues along with management details like bookkeeping, form filing, portfolio management and other documentation - you can hire a property management firm to take care of those things for you.

Manage Your Properties, Wherever You Are

Even if the property you own is in the same city you reside in, the logistics of getting over there whenever necessary can be difficult. In cases where your investment properties are far-flung - in another city, or even in another part of the country - it can become downright unmanageable. An experienced Real Estate Brisbane firm can be there when you can't be, allowing you to manage your properties seamlessly and professionally - even from a distance.

Go About Your Business Uninterrupted

For the vast majority of people, an investment property is just one of several balls they are juggling. You might have a regular full-time job, for instance, or might have several other properties to take care of. Either way, finding the time to keep on top of everything that goes along with renting out a property can be nearly impossible at times. Property managers offer the reliability of devoting their time to your properties, so that you can handle other important business.

Enhance Your Profitability

Finally, beyond the logistics of handling and managing your properties, a property manager can help you enhance your bottom line. With experienced property management firms, vacancies are minimised, rents are maximised and quality tenants are tracked down with ease. You are much more likely to discover the benefits of investing in property when a professional property management Brisbane firm is engaged.

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About the Author

If you are looking for someone to manage your investment properties then look no further. are Brisbane’s leading property management specialists. Our team can help you to reduce your vacancies and maximise your rent. Call us today to find out how you can take advantage of our 3 Months Free Property Management offer.


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Why Inspections Are Integral When Buying A Home

Considering how inexpensive inspections are - and how quickly they can be taken care of - it is incredible to think that some people skip them altogether when buying a new home. Later on, of course, many who skip such inspections have to pay a lot of extra money for repairs that could have been caught in the first place.

Sean And Maggie's Dream Home Becomes A Nightmare

As excited as they were about buying their first home together, Sean and Maggie rushed through the buying process as quickly and enthusiastically as possible. Despite admonitions from friends and family, the couple failed to have Brisbane building inspections performed. Within a month of moving in, they had discovered several very major structural flaws - and a colony of timber pests that would have been easily discovered by a pest inspection Brisbane company. Needless to say, Maggie and Sean ended up spending a whole lot more than they'd bargained for on the outset.

Building Inspections: What Exactly Are They?

Initially it is a good idea to personally inspect the property for obvious signs of damage however, there is a high risk that your untrained eye may miss some of the important aspects that a professional builder inspector can easily spot. You should have a building inspection done before signing the contract for your new home; during that in

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